Hospitality and Hotel Management Program

Hospitality and Hotel Management Program

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What is it?

The Hospitality and Hotel Management Program is perfect for students seeking hands on experience at the managerial level and internationally recognized accreditation in the Hospitality, Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism sector.  Students who complete the course are rewarded with six AHLEI (American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute) certificates and six certificates from International House Career College and a final completion certificate from International House Career College.

Who is this course for?

The course is an excellent starting point for those with an interest in these fast growing industries and for those who have experience in one or more sectors of the hospitality industry but are lacking the certification needed to make the next step in their careers.

Students will gain AHLEI Certification in:

  • Supervision in the Hospitality Industry
  • Fundamentals of Destination Management and Marketing
  • Front Office management
  • International Hotels: Development and Management
  • Hospitality Sales and Marketing
  • Managing Service in Food and Beverage

Program Options

Hospitality and Hotel Management Certificate:

24 weeks classes 2 weeks project


Hospitality and Hotel Management Certificate (Co-op Program)

24 weeks classes 26 weeks classes 2 weeks project

Note: Intake every 4 weeks; with 12 intakes per year.

Program Modules

AM: AHLEI 250 Supervision in the Hospitality Industry

PM: IHCC 105 Managerial Aspects ofSupervision

AM: AHLEI 323 Fundamentals of Destination Management and Marketing

 PM: IHCC 110 Modern International Destination Marketing

 AM: AHLEI 333 Managing Front Office Operations

PM: IHCC 115 Guest Room Management

AM: AHLEI 428 International Hotels: Development and Management

PM: IHCC 120 The Manager’s Role in New Construction and International Hotel Development

AM: AHLEI 472 Hospitality Sales & Marketing

PM: supplemented by IHCC 125 Technology in Modern Hotel Marketing

AM: AHLEI 349 Managing Service in Food and Beverage

PM: IHCC 130 Food and Beverage Purchasing andControls


Program Outline

This 24-week program followed by a 2-week final project is intended to give students the skill set needed to work in management in the hospitality industry.

Students will complete six modules each with its own AHLEI certification for a duration of 4 weeks. This allows students to enter the course every four weeks and work their way through all six modules.  Candidates will complete a curriculum delivered by experienced instructors and designed by the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) which is the most respected and globally recognized in the industry .

Content changes according to the module. The following is an overview of a generic day in the classroom:

9:00 – 10:00 Speaking Practice and Homework review  
10:10-11:10 Vocabulary for job candidates Students use this time to review and put into context any new vocabulary or industry phrasing relevant to the topics covered in that weeks module. This would also be the time block(s) where the instructor would introduce any new materials to be studied.
11:20-12:20 Group presentation preparation

Team work is an important component of the workplace. Group presentations provide students an opportunity to build team work skills which are integral to the course and successful completion of the Diploma.

Students are often assigned a presentation to be given by their group in the afternoon.

12:20-1:20 Lunch A much needed break and a chance to make any last minute preparations for your upcoming presentations!
1:20-2:20 Group presentation Time to show your hard work.
2:30-3:30 Exam Workshop This is a time for team work and personalized instruction from your teacher as you prepare for your weekly exams.

Our Instructors

International House requires its Instructors to have had at least 10 years of proven success in hotel and restaurant management and a similar amount of teaching experience. International House Career College is proud that its instructors exceed these requirements. Students will receive instruction from some of the most well known and highly regarded members of the Hotel and Restaurant community.

How long is the program and when can I enroll?

The program consists of 24 weeks of lessons followed by a 2-week final project.

New students are accepted into the course every four weeks following the completion of each module.*

*See calendar for details


What are the admission requirements?

  • High School graduation or equivalent.
  • English language proficiency equal to TOIEC 600 or, International House level 6, (Mid Intermediate), or Canadian Language benchmark 5.
  • Successful completion of interview with qualified instructor via Skype or in person.

Candidates who do not have the necessary level of English may enter a general English program at International House Vancouver until they have reached the proficiency required.


Approval by PTIB

This course is approved.



Dates 2019

January 2 – January 25
January 28 – February 22
February 25 – March 22
March 25 – April 19
April 22 – May 17
May 21 – June 14
July 02 – July 26
July 29 – August 23
August 26 – September 20
September 23 – October 18
October 21 – November 15
November 18 – December 13