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What is J-SHINE®*?

J-SHINE® – Japan Shogakko (elementary school) Instructors of English – is the Japanese organization which awards the certificate for working as an English teacher in Japanese elementary schools. Since English education in Japanese public elementary schools became mandatory in 2011, the need for skilled teachers has dramatically increased. This course enables graduates to teach children in both private and public schools.

*J-SHINE® is a registered trademark of the Elementary School English Teacher Certification Council, a specified non-profit organization.

Who is this course for?

The course is provided in Japanese and English. It is open to people who have native or near native Japanese language skills and sufficient English level to teach young learners. Although it is an introductory course designed for new teachers, if you are an existing teacher, you will have the opportunity to understand in depth the goals and contents of the Japanese national curriculum and to reflect on their current teaching practices. You will learn English activities which greatly enhance the learning environment of the classroom and keep children focused while enjoying themselves learning English.

What is the schedule like?

  • Monday to Friday, 8:50 – 3:20 for 4 weeks
  • Half of the course conducted in Japanese, and the other half in English
  • Practicum experience at daycare in Metro-Vancouver for 2 weeks

IH offers a unique intensive course giving students many hours of hands on learning under the instruction of experienced and the option of a practicum.

An example day on the course would look like this:

Time* Session** Description
8:50 – 11:40 Japanese Part
– What is the Japanese national curriculum? Its goals and contents
– Children in class (video)
The Japanese part will be focused on teaching Japanese in the public elementary school system. By the end of the session, students will have a deep understanding of the national curriculum and be able to conduct lessons following the aims of the English education in public schools.
11:40 – 12:30 Lunch Break
12:30 – 3:20 English Part
Micro-Teaching on Giving instructions
The English part provides many classroom ideas such as songs, games and activities for young learners. You will have many chances for micro-teaching on different tasks (instructions, vocabulary presentation, etc). There, you will prepare short lessons and practice teaching with peers.

* There will be small breaks between lessons.

** Japanese and English parts may be half-day for 4 weeks, or full-day 2 weeks each depending on the session. The certificate and the contents covered will be the same.

Further information

For further information about J-SHINE®, please visit


For any further queries about IHCC J-SHINE® course, please contact japan@ihvancouver.com and we would be happy to answer your questions.

Approval by PTIB

This program is approved.

Dates for 2021:


開講日       講座修了日 実習修了日
 1月 4日
3月 1日
3月 29日
5月 25日
6月 28日
7月 26日
8月 23日
9月 20日
10月 4日
1月 29日
3月 26日
4月 23日
7月 23日
8月 20日
9月 17日
10月 15日
10月 29日
2月 12日
4月 9日
5月 7日
7月 2日
8月 6日
9月 3日
10月 1日
10月 29日

Dates for 2022:


開講日       講座修了日 実習修了日
1月 4日
3月 7日
4月 4日
5月 2日
5月 30日
7月 4日
8月 2日
8月 29日
9月 26日
10月 31日
1月 28日
4月 1日
4月 29日
5月 27日
6月 24日
7月 29日
8月 26日
9月 23日
10月 21日
11月 25日
2月 11日
4月 14日
5月 13日
6月 10日
7月 8日
8月 12日
6月 10日
9月 9日
11月 4日
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